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The ever rising information security threats are introducing new set of challenges for the organizations due to the increased sophistication and impact levels. The security controls those were considered to be highly effective a couple of years ago are no longer on the priority list As opposed to the past, security breaches are today influenced by various means including but not limited to hacktivism, state-actors, geo-political conflicts, economic or industrial espionage, etc


ICTC is a global leader in the field of information security with a focus on delivering cutting-edge and value added solutions to its partners in the field of high-end information security consulting, managed security cyber security research, implementation and development Company is headquartered in the Abu Dhabi, UAE and working with fortune 100 brands, government organizations, and SMBs across the globe our end-to-end information security management portfolio makes us a single-stop and most trusted information security solution provider for the partners.


  • Single stop information security solution provider
  • End-to-end security service portfolio keeps your business bulletproof
  • Risk based and tailor-made strategy to meet the exact business requirements
  • Leverage hand-picked, pre-evaluated and most effective security solutions
  • Multi-vendor and multi-product solution expertise
  • Industry specific experience to meet the complex challenges of the trade
  • Research driven technology and solution recommendations
  • Harness our investment in the security innovation utilizing our proprietary products
  • Integrated security trends reporting in assessment engagements to get a holistic view
  • Flexible engagement models suitable for enterprises and SMBs with specific needs


Active, Proactive, Reactive, Offensive




Security Operations

Threat Management

Incident Response

Offensive Security

Government Security

Practice Areas

Expertise, Experience, Excellence



    We analyze the existing security posture of the organization and formulate risk based multi-pronged strategy to maximize the security investment. Our security practices deliver a strategy to align the information security goals and objectives with the business objectives. We rely on time-proven methodologies, best practices and industry standards to seamlessly integrate the security framework into the existing infrastructure.



    Our research lab comprises of malware, vulnerability and product research which keeps us aligned with the innovation and helps our partners to stay ahead of the emerging cyber security threats. Our research practices also enable us to cater distinguished and cutting-edge services become a long-term trusted partner.



    ICTC has evaluated and hand-picked few most advanced and reliable information security solutions for seamless integration into existing technology setup. Our expert implementation services help maximizing the ROI and minimizing deployment overheads to bring immediate value for our partners.



    With years of experience in the information security domain, ICTC could manifest avant-garde information security products to thwart today's cyber security challenges in the domain of auditing, monitoring and forensics.



    Our information security services throughout the lifecycle of a digital asset ensure total security for the organizations. ICTC's experienced team has helped businesses from various industry verticals and by engaging us, organizations harness our domain specific experience to get immediate value.

  • Smart Governance

    Smart Governance

    ♦ Enhanced Control and Smart Vigilance through Security Clearance and Workflow Solutions.
    ♦ TRAC - Track, Report, Analyze and Control - GPS/Maps based Mobile Solutions for Smart Governance.
    ♦ Speed and Ease of Info Access for Citizens through DCM, Automated processes.
    ♦ Human Capital Management through HRMS.
    ♦ Build Competency through e-Learning Solutions.

  • Web Applications

    Web Applications

    ♦ Human Resource Management System.
    ♦ CXM - Customer Experience Management Solutions.
    ♦ Custom Built Standalone/Cloud Solutions.
    ♦ Web based Integration to Multiple Mobile OS or Hardware.
    ♦ e-Commerce Solutions.

  • Mobile Applications

    Mobile Applications

    ♦ TRAC - Track, Report, Analyze and Control.
    ♦ Hospitality Solutions.
    ♦ Custom Built Solutions across Verticals on all mobile OS.
    ♦ mCommerce Solutions.
    ♦ SFA Solutions.


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